Carrageenan Suppliers in Indonesia for Personal Care Factory Business

For those who has personal care factory, you might search for some carrageenan suppliers in Indonesia to send their product to your factory. As you know the carrageenan is not only used on food product but also on other things such as personal care product. Thus you might also want to use this item as one of the ingredient in your personal care product. Still when you want to create the best personal care product, you also need to get the best carrageenan product to be used. And as you know that Indonesia has one of the best carrageenan product, thus you might want to search some suppliers which located in this country.

Carrageenan suppliers in Indonesia factory
As a factory owner, you might already know that carrageenan itself has unusual ability which able to thicken, stabilize and gel other things which mixed together with it. That is because the carrageenan own properties which trigger the substance to bind well with protein inside the other things that mixed together with it. That is the reason why many products which contains protein from meat or dairy also often use this carrageenan substance as one of the ingredient inside the list.
But then when it comes to personal care product, the important thing that needs to be done is to make the product has suitable thickness and the right texture which people hope to have from this kind of product. Even though you might think that personal care product does not have any protein content inside, but it still have some other substance which need to be thicken. And adding the carrageenan inside this personal care product will do exactly that so the thickness as well as the texture of the personal care product should have.
Furthermore they also able to reduce the amount of ingredient that actually needed to create the same texture and thickness when there is no carrageenan added inside. Thus even though the ingredient is actually less than it should be but the appearance and the quality of the product is still the same with the help of these carrageenan suppliers in Indonesia product. This also means that the personal care product can be sold in cheaper price as the ingredient is reduced. Thus more people will be able to afford the product that your personal care factory created. This also means that you will get more profit as you will be able to sell more product quantity to the customer.
Of course before you get in touch with some carrageenan suppliers in Indonesia, you surely want to know more about the method that they do in order to create the best product. First you might already know that the carrageenan itself is taken from several species of red seaweed. Thus the suppliers need to get enough amount of red seaweed to create decent amount of carrageenan product to be send to your personal care factory. And to do that, the only thing that they can do is to actually farm the red seaweed themselves.
Of course, the planting process needs to be done in the sea and it is quite easy since Indonesia has large sea area. To keep the red seaweed in easy reach, then it will be grow using line of strings which actually made using nylon material. The carrageenan suppliers in Indonesia will also hung that strings into floating sticks which made using bamboo as it can float easily. It will take around 3 months time for the red seaweed to be finally harvest then dried by the farmer that works on the farm. Then the result will be send to the supplier’s factory.
After the result arrived to the carrageenan suppliers in Indonesia factory then it will be ground so it can be sift and wash since the worker needs to remove impurities from it. Then the workers will soak it using alkali solution and heat it up in order to create the carrageenan from it.
There is some cellulose which also created from the process but it can easily get rid through mechanical process. Next is to evaporate and grind the result to create powdered form carrageenan. With those methods the carrageenan suppliers in Indonesia can create their best product to be used on your personal care factory.

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