Smoked Catfish Suppliers Product for Restaurant Business Owner

Restaurant owner should try to get in touch with smoked catfish suppliers to give you some product to be sold at your restaurant. Furthermore smoked catfish has longer shelf life, thus you can store it easier. It also does not have bad fishy smell which catfish used to have since it already been smoked before, thus the quality of the meat can be preserved without having to deal with fishy smell all the time. The smoked catfish also have better quality since the color itself has turned into golden yellow color while the meat texture is clear. It will make the meat become chewy but still tender to eat and the taste become more flavorful.

Restaurant Business Owner Using Smoked Catfish Suppliers
Of course, you should also ensure that your restaurant will get the best quality smoked catfish product from the supplier. This is why you should try to learn the process that they will do to create the smoked catfish product for your restaurant. And since making smoked catfish is quite easy to do, especially if the smoked catfish suppliers have all the equipment needed to create it, then they can make this product easily.
Usually to get the catfish the supplier already has their own farm as a place to grow the catfish. They grow the catfish from special breeding fish to lay the eggs then grow the eggs that it laid. After the catfish grow then it can be harvest from the farm and being taken to the factory for further process to be smoked catfish product.
After arriving at the factory, the catfish will be shorted using special machine. This machine can collect catfish which has similar sizes. By using this machine the smoked catfish suppliers can do this process faster and easier thus the catfish can be transfer into the next processing line in no time.
This next line is where the cleaning process takes place, the catfish gut, membrane and slime will be cleaned from the fish. Some factory might still use manual worker to do it, but some other factory which already implement high technology in their system will use cleaning machine to clean the catfish. Furthermore since the catfish itself does not have any scale which need manual and detailed cleaning, then using cleaning machine to clean the catfish is possible since the catfish skin itself is not remove to ensure the skin maintain the oil on the fish meat. By using this machine the smoked catfish suppliers can clean the catfish easier and better thus the catfish will be completely cleaned before being transfer into the next processing line.
In the next line, the catfish meat that already been cleaned will be cut into fillet which is more suitable size to be smoked. By cutting the catfish Fillet  into this suitable size, then the smoking time can be reduced, thus the process will be faster and the result will be better.
Now that the catfish meat is ready, then smoked catfish suppliers then need to do the main part which is to smoke the meat. Before doing it, the catfish meat will be rinse using brine to add some flavor to the meat and to extend the shelf time. The salt in the brine will be able to prevent the meat from getting spoiled by making the fat oxidation process slower thus extending the shelf life of the meat. Now the catfish meat is ready to be arranged on the rack then put inside the smoking machine. This machine is the one that will smoke, dry and cook the catfish meat to be the product you will receive in your restaurant later.
After the smoking process is done, now they are ready for packing process. The product will be packed in sealed bag. It does not have further process if you want to use it within two weeks from production so you only need to keep it inside the fridge. However, if you want to keep the product longer then you can ask the Seafood supplier  to  frozen the product so it can be preserved for around two months from production. Now that the product is ready the smoked catfish suppliers only need to send their product to your restaurant then you can use it to cook dishes.

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