Cajun Baked Catfish Fillets with Vegetable Recipe for Healthy Family Meal

If you want to try eating healthier food then you should make baked catfish fillets dish recipe that we have here. Catfish fillets have many kinds of nutrition thus your family should try to eat this dish. Furthermore you may want to combine the dish with vegetable to add more nutrition and create a complete meal which able to fulfill the entire nutrition need of your body.

Healthy Family Meal by Making Baked Catfish Fillets
Baking the catfish fillet is the method that you should try, especially when you do not want to get unwanted content to your food. Furthermore the nutrition that the catfish fillet has would not be lost if you use this cooking method. Do not worry that the vegetable also have their own nutrition which you can cook with different method to pair it with the baked fish. Let us learn the recipe here.
Cajun Baked Catfish Fillets with Vegetable
Cajun baked catfish fillets ingredient:
-          Vegetable oil 1 tbsp
-          Garlic powder ½ tsp
-          Onion powder ½ tsp
-          Pepper ¼ tsp
-          Cayenne pepper ½ tsp
-          Paprika 1 ½tsp
-          Thyme 1 tsp
-          Catfish fillets 4 pcs
-          Cooking spray
Green vegetable ingredient:
-          Vegetable oil 1 tbsp
-          Onion small ½ pcs sliced thinly
-          Garlic minced 1 tsp
-          Sugar 1 tsp
-          Flakes red pepper ½ tsp
-          Collar green
-          Water 2 tbsp
-          Bacon 1 pcs cooked using microwave then slice in dice
-          Cider vinegar 1 tbsp
Cajun baked catfish fillets cooking direction:
1.      Pre heat the oven to 435 degree Fahrenheit.
2.      Take a swallow bottom bowl then put some of the seasoning such as garlic powder, oil, pepper, thyme, onion powder, paprika, and cayenne pepper. Stir to mix evenly.
3.      Take a baking dish with 13 inches by 9 inches size the spray the surface with cooking sprayer evenly.
4.      Take the catfish fillet put on the seasoning mix, flip once to season the opposite side then put on the baking dish. Do this step to the entire catfish fillets.
5.      Add the remaining seasoning mix on top of the catfish fillets on the baking dish.
6.      Put the baking dish inside the oven for 15 minutes to cook it. use fork to see whether the catfish fillets is cooked or not.
7.      Take out and set aside.
Baked catfish fillets for the green vegetable cooking direction:
1.      Wash the vegetable then pat it with paper towel to dry it.
2.      Plug the steam on the larger size leaves. You only need to cut off the leaves from both side of the vegetable step. You do not need to do this for smaller size leaves since the steam are tender enough to eat.
3.      Put around six of the leaves together then roll them up. Slice the vegetable with around one inch size. Do this step to all of the vegetable then set aside.
4.      Take a large size skillet, add the vegetable oil then heat it using medium setting.
5.      Put the onion on the skillet then cook it while occasionally stirring it for around 3 minutes until it becomes translucent.
6.      Put the garlic inside then stirring it again for around 30 seconds.
7.      Put the other ingredient such as red pepper, sugar, vinegar, bacon, and water.
8.      Put the vegetable inside. Stir the entire ingredient to mix it evenly.
9.      Cover the skillet then let it cook for around twenty minutes until the vegetable becomes tender.
Serving direction:
1.      Take a plate then put one Cajun baked catfish fillet on the plate.
2.      Add the vegetable on the side.
3.      Serve immediately.
Those are the direction that you can use if you want to cook the catfish fillet by using healthier method which is baking. Furthermore by using this method you can eat the baked catfish Supplier and get all of the nutrition but do not add unwanted content to your food. Furthermore the vegetable that is paired with this dish also has many kinds of nutrition which able to complete your daily need. Thus by cooking and eating this dish, you will be able to complete your daily need perfectly. This is why you should really try this method to cook the food for your family.

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