Dry Catfish Supplier for Sandwich Restaurant Business

If you have a sandwich restaurant, then you might want to try using dry catfish as one of the ingredient. Sandwich is very popular food which many people like to eat since the taste is also very delicious. Furthermore sandwich is considered as daily food, thus many people might eat this food every day. However, you should know that if your customer eats the same sandwich every day, then they might feel bored with that sandwich. That is why you should also add more sandwich variation to your restaurant menu thus the customer would not feel bored with that sandwich.

Sandwich Restaurant Business with Dry Catfish Ingredient
If you want, you might be able to use dry catfish as the ingredient for your sandwich in the restaurant. This ingredient is quite versatile thus your customer will like to have their sandwich with this ingredient. Furthermore the fried catfish that you get is already in dry form, and then you can keep the product for longer time. Thus you will be able to use this ingredient for longer time. This means you will be able to serve more catfish sandwich to your customer for longer time, thus you will get more profits by making sandwich menu using catfish ingredient.
However, you surely want the catfish sandwich you created also have high quality as the other sandwich menu you have created before. This is the reason you should get trusted supplier which able to create their catfish product with the best method thus their product will also become the best product. To know whether the supplier you use already use the best method, you should try to see how the product is created by the supplier. If they use the best method surely you can see on the way they created the product. Now let us see the best method that they can use to create this dry catfish product.
If they really want to use the best method to create their product this means they also need to use the best catfish since the fish is the raw material which used to create the product itself. Thus the quality of the catfish will highly affect the result of the product that the supplier created. This is why the best supplier will even try to mature the catfish in their own farm. They will mature the catfish from the start even when it is still in form of an egg. Thus they will take the eggs which lay by mature catfish that has high quality then bring the eggs elsewhere.
Then in the new place, the egg will be hatched to become the sac fry which will be mature more before moving to the new area. The mature sac fry will have fingerling form which is stronger than the previous form. In this form then they are ready to completely mature to be catfish which used to create the dry catfish product in the end. However, it usually takes around two year time for the fingerling to be matured completely into catfish form. Then again after two year has passed, then the catfish is ready to be harvest from the farm.
After the catfish is harvest from the farm, then the fish will be brought into the factory area. In this area there will be different kinds of method used to create the product. First method is to clean the catfish since some parts of the fish is unwanted on the end product. Then the catfish is ready to be fillet so it will be easier to dry in the next method. On the next method, the catfish fillet will be rinse using brine to add more flavors and to preserve the meat better. Then to create the dry catfish product they will use oven to dry the fillet thus it can be done in more advanced method.
After being dried in the oven, now the product is ready for packaging and delivered into your sandwich restaurant location. Those are the method used by the best catfish supplier which has the best product. You can see that their method really the best since they even think about maturing the fish themselves before being used to create the dry catfish product. So you do not need to worry and use it for sandwich.

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