Catfish Recipe Fried Fillets with Cajun Sauce, Creamy Grits and Crispy Vegetable

Cajun sauce ingredient for catfish recipe:
-          White wine 1 cup
-          Chicken stock ½ cup
-          Heavy cream 6 tbsp
-          Worchestershire sauce 2 tbsp
-          Shallots 2 pcs minced
-          Juice from ½ lemon
-          Smoked paprika 1 tbsp
-          Seafood seasoning 1 tbsp
-          Thyme 1 tbsp
-          Unsalted butter 2 stick then chop it to pieces
-          Salt
-          Black pepper
Creamy Grits ingredient for catfish recipe:
-          Heavy cream 2 cup
-          Chicken stock 1 cup
-          Instant grit 1 cup
-          Unsalted butter 1 stick then chop it to pieces
-          Cream cheese 2 tbsp
-          Grated parmesan cheese 2 tbsp
-          Salt
-          White pepper
-          Whole milk 2 tbsp
Crispy vegetable ingredient for catfish recipe:
-          Grapeseed oil 4 tbsp
-          Garlic 1 clove, sliced thinly
-          White onion 1 pcs small, chopped into dice
-          Kale leaves 2 bunches cut to be julienne remove the stem
-          Chicken stock ¼ cup
-          Unsalted butter 2 tbsp
-          Salt
-          Black pepper
Fried catfish fillets ingredient for catfish recipe:
-          4 catfish fillets
-          Cajun seasoning ¼ cup
-          Grapeseed oil 6 tbsp
-          Unsalted butter 2 tbsp
Cajun sauce cooking direction:
1.      Take a nonreactive sauce pan, pour in the white wine. Then cook it using medium heat setting, so it will become almost dry.
2.      Add some of the ingredient such as heavy cream, lemon juice, chicken stock, shallots, and Worcestershire sauce. Cook it more until it reduced.
3.      Add some other ingredient such as paprika, thyme, and seafood seasoning. Cook for another 5 minutes until it thicken and can coat back part of the spoon.
4.      Take a strainer that has fine mesh then strain the sauce into a bowl.
5.      Add the butter and whisk it.
6.      Season using black pepper and salt. Set aside.
Creamy Grits cooking direction for catfish recipe:
1.      Take a sauce pan then add chicken stock as well as heavy cream inside. Heat and simmer it.
2.      Add the instant grits then cook for around 6 minutes and whisk it frequently.
3.      Add the other ingredient such as parmesan cheese, cream cheese, and butter.
4.      Add the seasoning such as white pepper and salt.
5.      Pour the milk on top then set it aside. This milk on top will prevent the skin to form on top.
Crispy vegetable cooking direction:
1.      Take sauté pan then heat it using medium setting.
2.      Pour in the grapeseed oil.
3.      Put onion and garlic to the pan then stir it until translucent.
4.      Put the kale leaves inside then sauté it so the leaves will wilted which will take around 2 minutes.
5.      Add the chicken stock then stir it.
6.      Take the pan from the heat then add the butter inside.
7.      Season it using pepper and salt.
Fried catfish fillets cooking direction:
1.      Take sauté pan then heat it using medium setting.
2.      Take the catfish fillet then season the surface using Cajun spice, flip it once then season the other surface using Cajun spice. Do this to all of the catfish fillets.
3.      Pour the grapeseed oil into the pan then put the catfish fillet in. cook for around 4 minutes, flip it once then cook for another 4 minutes.
4.      Put the catfish fillet on a plate then add butter on the top of the catfish fillet so it will melt completely. Repeat this step to the entire catfish fillet then set aside.
Serving direction for catfish recipe:
1.      Take a serving plate then put a scoop of Cajun sauce in the middle of the plate.
2.      Take the creamy grit then stir the milk right before using it.
3.      Take a few scoop of the creamy grit then put it on top of the Cajun sauce.
4.      Add some of the vegetable on top of the creamy grit.
5.      Put one of the catfish fillet on top of the vegetable.
6.      Serve immediately.
That is the complete catfish recipe with all of the ingredient and cooking direction that really easy to follow. You can create this dish for your family and friends that come to dine at your house.

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