Catfish Feed Ingredients Filled with Important Nutrition

Catfish feed ingredients should be carefully chosen to ensure the fish get enough nutrition while growing. Especially because there is no other feed that the catfish can get while being farmed since there is no natural feed around them. Thus the catfish feed is the only nutrition source which the catfish can get during their growth. This is why; you should ensure that each ingredient has the right nutrition that the catfish need for them to grow properly. Aside from the nutrition, you should also ensure that there is no toxic which able to disturb the catfish from growing properly.

Important Nutrient Needed Inside Catfish Feed IngredientsThere are many kinds of nutrient that your catfish need, and those nutrients should be complete inside the catfish feed. The most important nutrients that your catfish need are:
1.      Protein
This nutrient is needed by the catfish since it will be use to build body’s tissue which will replace any damaged tissue. It also contains hormone as well as enzyme needed by the catfish.
2.      Energy
This nutrient will provide the energy needed by the catfish.
3.      Mineral and vitamin
This nutrient will affect the growth of catfish body, their health, as well as overall process inside the fish body.
4.      Fat
This nutrient has essential acid needed by the catfish and help to enhance the delivery of energy on their body.
You can get those nutrients which needed by the catfish from the feed ingredient that you choose for them. This is why it is very important for you to choose the feed ingredient carefully to ensure all of those nutrients needed are available inside.
Although there are many kinds of catfish feed ingredients that you can use, but there are common ingredients that most farmer use for growing catfish. These ingredients are also very easy to get since they are commonly available in the market.
1.      Rice bran
Yes, it is the same bran which comes from the rice that you eat. This ingredient is actually has many nutrition that the catfish will need. However it is also content high fat, thus the usage of this ingredient should be limit carefully so the catfish will not get too much fat.
2.      Fish meal
This ingredient is also considered as the main and the best catfish feed ingredients that most farmers will use. It has all the protein needed by the catfish thus most feed will have around 70 percent of this meal in their ingredient. You can also try to make this meal by yourself if you have the fish needed to create it. Just cook the fish then press and roll it to eliminate all oil and water before drying it.
3.      Soya bean meal
This meal is considered as the best source of protein that you can use for the ingredients. It contain more than forty percent of protein, which is why many commercial fish feed use it as ingredient. It also has high essential acid that the catfish need. Furthermore it has taste that the catfish like and easy to digest.
4.      Cottonseed meal
This meal also have high protein content, which usually also more than forty percent of protein or at least more than thirty five percent of protein. It also has a flavor that the catfish like which is why many like to use this ingredient. However it has less lysine content. You can use this ingredient to replace the previous ingredient, however, do not use too much only half of the percentage is enough.
5.      maize
This catfish feed ingredients has great energy content, which is why you should try to use this ingredient for around thirty percent of the catfish feed. Furthermore because of the cooking process, this ingredient will be easier to be digest thus the catfish will like it more.
6.      Groundnut cake
This ingredient has around forty percent crude protein content which is why it is good to use. However it has high fat content, thus you should not use more than twenty percent of this ingredient in your catfish feed. You can combine this ingredient inside the soya bean meal ingredient composition.
Besides those ingredients, you can also add other things in your catfish feed ingredients such as vitamin, offal meal, and even growth booster.

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