Best Way to Fry Catfish Fillets as Family Dinner Menu Tonight

Try to learn about the best way to fry catfish fillets if you want to eat this food fish as your dinner menu tonight. You might be one of the people that are very interested in eating more food fish as parts of your dinner menu. Especially since now you already know that by eating more food fish, there are many nutrition that you can get which also needed by your body. This is why, you should choose a food fish that is not only able to fulfill the nutrition that is needed by your body but also has delicious taste.
Learn about Best Way to Fry Catfish Fillets
One of the food fish that you might want to try is catfish since this catfish has a lot of nutrient which also needed by your body but also has delicious taste that you will like. Furthermore there are catfish fillets product which is very easy to cook thus you can easily use this ingredient to cook your dinner. Surely you want to learn about the best way to fry catfish fillets since this way is really easier to use to cook the catfish fillet. Here is the way that you can do to fry the catfish fillet to make your dinner.
Southern Style Fried Catfish Fillet
-          Peanut oil 1 quart
-          Cornmeal fine stone ground 1 cup
-          Flour all purpose 1 cup
-          Seafood seasoning 1 tsp
-          Salt ½ tsp
-          Paprika hot smoked ¼ tsp
-          Black pepper ground ¼ tsp
-          Catfish fillets 6 Pcs
-          Buttermilk low fat ¾ cup
Cooking direction:
1.      Take a 5 quart size Dutch oven then pour the peanut oil inside. Put it on high heat and use thermometer for deep frying to see the temperature that should be on 350 degree Fahrenheit and adjust the heat so you can maintain the temperature.
2.      Take a plate put inside the flour and corn meal then mix it together using whisk.
3.      Take a small size bowl, put inside some of the seasoning such as salt, pepper, paprika, and seafood seasoning.
4.      Take the catfish fillet then season it with the seasoning mixture on all sides.
5.      To continue with the best way to fry catfish fillets, you should take another plate then put the buttermilk on it.
6.      Take the catfish fillet then dip it on the buttermilk, flip it once so you can coat all the sides. Take it out and let the excess buttermilk to drip back into the plate.
7.      Put the catfish fillet on the flour mixture; flip it once so you can coat all the sides. Take it out and put it on a cooling rack for around 5 minutes.
8.      Continue until you have coated all of the catfish fillets with step 6 until 7.
9.      Fry the catfish fillet using the pre heated oil on the Dutch oven. Put only two of the catfish fillets on one frying. Fry until the catfish fillet turn into golden brown color which usually takes around 5 until 6 minute duration. Take it out and set it aside on the cooling rack.
10.  Continue until you have fried all of the catfish fillets. Let us end this best way to fry catfish fillets by serving the catfish fillets immediately with vegetable salad or other side dish that you like.
As you can see, it is very easy to fry the catfish fillets to be use as your dinner menu tonight. By using this method, you will be able to serve plenty of catfish fillets to your family in no time. Furthermore the catfish fillets will be able to give the right nutrition to your family as this contains a lot of protein that your family need. The food fish also very flavorful thus your family member will surely love to eat the dinner menu that you make using this ingredient. The catfish fillets itself is actually very versatile thus you can use it as ingredient on various menu. So besides learning about the best way to fry catfish fillets then you might want to try other method that you can use to cook this ingredient as your dinner menu to be enjoyed by your entire family.

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