Dried Catfish Ingredient Used by Food Delivery Service Business

For you who have food delivery service business, then you might want to serve dried catfish dish since it is very delicious. A food delivery service is very popular business which raised in many places today. The reason is because many people need to have food but some cannot cook or even does not have time to prepare it. But of course, you should serve many kinds of food so people will not become bored with the dishes you deliver to them. With many kinds of food to choose then surely your customer will more often order food from your delivery service.
Food Delivery Service Business Using Dried Catfish Ingredient
One ingredient that you can try to use to create food in your food delivery service business is the dried catfish ingredient. The catfish it self  is very delicious, thus many people love to eat this food fish. And in dried form, you will be able to store the ingredient for longer time, thus you will be able to use this ingredient for a long time. Furthermore there are many kinds of dishes that you can create using this ingredient. Thus you can create even more variation on the food that you deliver to your customer every day.
However, you should also try to make sure that the dried catfish you use as ingredient also has high quality. It is important thing as the ingredient which you use to create the food will also determine the quality of the food in the end. To be able to do it, you might want to know more about the process which done to create this ingredient. So when you know the process, you can be sure that the product you get also has high quality. Usually factory that has high quality product uses good quality procedure to create the product. So you can really determine the quality of the product you receive when you know the process used to create the product.
Now let us see how the factory that has good quality product will create their product from the start. Usually factory that has good quality product does not focus only to create their product but also focus on the raw material which they use to create the product which is the catfish itself. This is why the factory usually nurtures the catfish from the start even when they are from egg stage. They even choose special catfish to give them the eggs which they will nurture later on to make the dried catfish.
Then the eggs will be taken to separate place to be hatched, of course it still need to stay in the same place for a few more months. The reason is because the one hatched from the egg is only sac fry which is still vulnerable to be move. Later after they turn into fingerling then it means that they are ready to be move into larger place.
In this place, the fingerling will be nurture to be the catfish which will be use as the ingredient to make the product you will get later on. However, it will take around two year time to nurture the catfish to be big enough to be harvest. Afterwards they will be taken to the factory facility to be use as raw material to create the dried catfish product.
Inside the factory facility, the catfish will be cleaned so the unwanted parts can be removed from the product. Next thing that is done is to cut the catfish into fillets so it will be more suitable to be dried. Then the catfish meat is ready to be rinsed with brine liquid which able to preserve the meat and add more flavor to the meat itself. Now the catfish meat is ready to be dried using special drying oven. With this oven the drying can be done quicker and easier thus the product will be better. After the product is complete, now it is ready to be packed and send to your food delivery service location.
After learning how the factory creates their product, you can see that the process they use to create the product really done carefully. Thus you can be sure that the dried catfish product they create using that process also have high quality that you want.

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