Catfish Nutrition Content That Good for Your Body

Some of you might wonder is there any catfish nutrition that you will get from eating this food fish. As you all know, eating food fish is highly recommended, some even recommend for you to eat food fish at least a few times each week. Furthermore most food fish is high in protein and other kinds of nutrient that you need for your body. In fact some nutrient is only available from food fish especially in large amount. That is why you might want to try eat a few food fish product every week as a way for you to complete the nutrition.

Catfish Nutrition Content List
For you who are concern more about your health surely you will learn carefully about everything that you eat. This is a common practice that actually everyone should try to do if they want to be healthier. And if you want to eat this fish, you might also want to learn carefully about the catfish nutrition which you will get when eating this fish. Especially since the fish itself taste very delicious thus many people like to eat it.
Actually inside the catfish there are many kinds of nutrition that you can get. by eating this food fish, you will be able to complete your daily protein need as well as increasing your daily intake of other vitamin as well as fatty acid which needed by your body. Now let us see the kind of nutrition which you will get when consuming this food fish.
1.      Fat and calories
When you eat a serving of this food fish which is around three oz size, you will get some fat and calories nutrition. For the fat nutrition you will get it for one point six grams. Then for the calories nutrition you will get it for one hundred and twenty two calories. As you can see the fat and calories content that this catfish has is really low, this it can be consider a good meal when you want to have healthier diet.
2.      Omega 6 and 3
When it comes to consuming food fish, the catfish nutrition that everyone looking for is on the omega 6 and 3 nutrition especially since they are good nutrition for your body. If you eat this food fish then on each serving you will also get good amount of omega 6 and 3 nutrition. For the omega 6 nutrition you will get it for eight hundred and seventy five milligram. For the omega 3 nutrition you will get it for two hundred and twenty milligram.
3.      protein
This is another catfish nutrition that everyone searches for when they consume this food fish. When you consume it, you will get complete protein which able to perfectly fulfill the protein variation you need for each day. Furthermore it also has all the amino acid needed by your body. With this nutrition, your body is able to build leaner muscle, and increasing your body’s immune system.
4.      Vitamin B12
If you looking for other catfish fillet nutrition, then you should be happy since on each portion of this food fish also contain vitamin B12. Furthermore by consuming this food fish, you will be able to completely filling your daily need of the vitamin B12. This nutrition is important to be consumed daily especially since it is used to breaking down the food that you consume to be energy which your body will use. When your daily consumption is not fulfilled then you will feel lethargy all day and it also disturbs the function of your nerve system.
5.      Mercury
This is not nutrition but rather a concern that you might have each time you eat any kinds of food fish. But you should not have to worry too much since catfish generally contains low mercury level except when the fish is taken from a place where the mercury level is high. Thus you should not have to worry since you can consume it for around twelve oz in one week period.
Those are all the entire catfish nutrition, which you will get when you consume this food fish. As you can see, there are many good nutrition inside the catfish, thus you should not have to worry and try to consume it to get the nutrition.

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