Smoked Catfish Recipe Easy to Make from Scratch at Home

For you who want to try making smoked catfish recipe then you might be able to make at home. Actually you can easily find smoked catfish fillet sold in the supermarket near your house. However, if you are creative enough, you can really make this dish by yourself thus you will be able to save some of your shopping budget but still getting the smoked catfish fillet dish that you want to eat. You already know that this smoked dish taste very delicious even though you might need to take long duration to make it since the catfish fillet is cooked using only the smoke and the heat not the fire directly.

Making Smoked Catfish Recipe from Scratch at Home
Furthermore catfish fillet itself has many nutrition contents which you will be able to get when you eat it. With low calories and even low fat content, you surely want to make this smoked dish and give it to your family member as their healthy meal. Furthermore with smoking the catfish fillet you will be able to avoid from ruining the quality of the meat and adding unwanted content to the meat itself. Thus smoking catfish fillet will be a great cooking method that you can use to make catfish recipe. Of course, you will need to have a grill at home if you want to make this dish. Now let us learn about the recipe here.
Smoked Catfish Fillet with Orange Sauce
Smoked catfish fillet ingredient:
-          Buttermilk 1 quart
-          Hot sauce 2 tbsp
-          Catfish fillets 4 pcs
-          Dried oregano 2 tsp
-          Lemon peel dehydrated 1 tsp
-          Salt 1 tsp
-          Black pepper ½ tsp
-          Olive oil
Orange sauce ingredient:
-          Yoghurt plain 2/3 cup
-          Sour cream 2/3 cup
-          Orange juice 2 tbsp
-          Cayenne pepper 1tsp
-          Garlic 1 clove chopped finely
-          Green onion finely chopped 1 tbsp
-          Parsley finely chopped 1 tbsp
-          Dill finely chopped 1 tbsp
-          Hot sauce
-          Salt
-          Black pepper
Smoked catfish recipe cooking direction:
1.      Take a casserole dish with 9 inches by 13 inches size. Put the hot sauce and buttermilk inside the dish. Add the catfish fillet then use a plastic wrapper to cover the dish tight. Put inside the fridge for around 1 hour.
2.      One hour later, take out the dish from the fridge, take the catfish fillet out then pat it using paper towel to dry.
3.      Pre heat the grill with indirect heating using medium low setting for around 250 degree Fahrenheit to continue the smoked catfish recipe.
4.      Take a small bowl, then put inside the seasoning ingredient such as salt, lemon peel, pepper and oregano, then stir to mix them.
5.      Take the catfish fillet then use olive oil to coat the surface lightly. Flip the catfish fillet once then use olive oil to coat the other surface again.
6.      Sprinkle the seasoning mix on the catfish surface. Flip the catfish fillet once then sprinkle the seasoning mix on the other surface again.
7.      Do step 5 to 6 to all of the catfish fillets to continue with this smoked catfish recipe.
8.      Put down the catfish fillets somewhere far from the coal then smoke it for around 45 minutes until it is fully cooked and the color changed into golden brown color.
9.      Take the catfish fillets off the grill then set it aside.
Orange sauce cooking direction:
-          Take a small bowl, and then put the entire ingredient inside. Stir it well to mix the entire ingredient evenly.
Serving direction:
-          Take four plates and put the smoked catfish fillet on each plate then add the orange sauce.
Those are the ingredient and the cooking direction if you want to make smoked catfish fillet from scratch. It is very easy to make since you can use the grill that you already have at home. The ingredients are also very easy to find and if you loves to cook, you might already have all of those ingredients, so do not hesitate to make your own smoked catfish recipe from scratch at home. Then you can serve the dish to your family for dinner which you can pair with any kinds of salad that your family loves to eat.

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